One State, One Health System, Better Outcomes

launch 3The release today of the final health White Paper marks a significant turning point for health in Tasmania. The White Paper is the culmination of the most open and transparent conversation a Government has ever had with the Tasmanian people about the extent to which our health system is broken.

The Hodgman Liberal Government will not sit by and allow Tasmanians to continue to suffer some of the worst health outcomes in Australia. Through the six-month consultation process, we have heard from thousands of Tasmanians from all parts of our state.

Their message is clear: we must reject the idea of keeping the status quo – a health system which is regionally divided, inefficient and, despite the best efforts of our skilled medical professionals, cannot deliver better treatment for Tasmanians.

The premise of health reform outlined in the Exposure Draft released earlier this year remains. Each of our major hospitals should have a specialised role delivering the services for all Tasmanians that they are each best equipped to safely provide.
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Mobile Black Spot Program to deliver 31 new or upgraded base stations

Thirty-one Tasmanian regional areas will finally have mobile telephone service thanks to the Mobile Black Spot Programme, a joint Commonwealth-and Tasmanian Government initiative.

The delivery of 31 new or upgraded mobile base stations in Tasmania will fix a large number of mobile black spots around the state.

“The Hodgman Liberal Government invested $350,000 in last year’s State Budget as a co-contribution to the Mobile Black Spot Program,” Minister Ferguson said. Read more »