Mersey money locked to prevent Labor ransack

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to the long-term future of the Mersey Community Hospital, and that is why we are removing the risk of any future Government from taking this money away from the people of the North West Coast.

The Hodgman Government will be putting legislative barriers in place to prevent any future Government from raiding this fund for purposes it was not intended for.
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Labor launch another medi-scare campaign

Opposition leader Rebecca White has launched a dishonest ‘medi-scare’ style campaign which once again highlights Labor have no plan, no ideas when it comes to health.

This is a desperate attempt to create fear in the community for their own political gain – it’s wrong and not based on the facts.
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10-year, $730 million deal for the Mersey hospital

Tasmania will receive $730.4 million following the successful conclusion of negotiations with the Federal Government for a new, fully funded, 10-year deal for the Mersey Community Hospital.

The new deal will also see ownership of the Mersey return to the Tasmanian Government, giving long-term security for the hospital’s future and removing the uncertainty which surrounds it every federal election cycle.
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Fixing Tasmania’s health system: much achieved and still much to do

The Hodgman Liberal Government is getting on with the job of fixing Tasmania’s health system with record investment which is delivering better care and improved services.

One of the core components of improving our health system was rolling out our One Health System reforms – which have already delivered significant improvements over the past three years.
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4 days ago

Michael Ferguson

The Digital Ready program is about helping small businesses and retailers make the most of opportunities in the digital economy, taking their business to the world. The Government has committed $800,000 over four years to provide free advice, training and analysis. For more go to: ... See MoreSee Less

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Nice work Michael


4 days ago

Michael Ferguson

We're committed to investing in health at the Royal Hobart Hospital and that is why we have employed three Extended Care Paramedics in the South as additional staff with greater scope of practice. The three paramedics, Matt, Tegan and Elise, completed a 10-week intensive training course in February and are now working independently to reduce the need to transport patients to hospital Emergency Departments. Extended Care Paramedics are part of our $5.6 million Patients First initiative which is all about ensuring patients get the care they need sooner. ... See MoreSee Less

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Elise Hill...look at you

Well done Elise,Matt and Tegan wish you all the best

Well done Elise, Matt, Tegan

Awesome Tegan and congrats to you all

Congrats Tegan.

Congratulations Matt Cane 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Yay Matt.....Jerildene Cane....xx

If it wasn't for the extended care paramedics then my pop would not be here it was them insisting he go to the hospital after the other paramedics said he didn't need to.

Bryan Mcmahon

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