Medical cannabis Controlled Access Scheme to open on September 1

The Hodgman Liberal Government is supporting Tasmanians to get access to medical cannabis through the Controlled Access Scheme from September 1.

The Controlled Access Scheme will mean that patients can be prescribed with unregistered medical cannabis products by an appropriately qualified, specialist doctor.
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Response to AMA Tasmania President

The Hodgman Government is committed to providing the best possible health care for all Tasmanians. Since 2014 we have been steadily working to improve the system with increased investments and the One Health System reforms which were widely consulted and strongly supported by all health organisations including the AMA. We don’t believe the system is as good as it should be. But the improvements that have been achieved need to be consolidated and built upon.
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Full funding committed for the new St Helens District Hospital

Next week’s state Budget will fund in full the $12.1 million new St Helens District Hospital.
The Hodgman Liberal Government is Building Tasmania’s Future and that includes investing in regional health facilities so local communities get the health care they deserve in facilities that are fit for purpose.
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Significant new investment in mental health

Improving our health system is a key priority of the Hodgman Liberal Government. I am very pleased to announce that the upcoming state Budget will contain more than $16 million in additional funding for the mental health sector, over and above the $11.7 million additional investment in mental health in previous Hodgman Liberal Budgets.
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1 week ago

Michael Ferguson

The choice is clear.

A strong, stable majority Government, with all 15 lower house members re-contesting the next election and a total of 121 years of experience verses an unstable, disunified and inexperienced opposition, with members jumping ship and leaving just 35 years of experience.
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Just watch as O'bryne gets Lara's spot. Five minutes later he'll be appointed labor leader by those in the shadows. Just how much "encouragement" did she get to go?

How about you concentrate on governing instead of wasting time bagging out the opposition.

"minister for health". get a job dude, you're not cut out for this.

How about supporting heritage rail and utilizing the infrastructure that belongs to all Tasmanians not just the Mayor of the Dorset council

What do they say "if you don't have something nice to say.....,"

lets hope you do a lot better next time

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