Drug Use in the North-West

The Liberal Government is continuing to monitor developments around drug use on the North-West Coast. There is no doubt that drug use is a concern to all Tasmanians – it was a concern under the former Government and it remains a concern now, not just in the North-West, but across the State and the rest of Australia.

Rather than sit on our hands as Labor and the Greens did, we have already taken action and ordered a review into drug use in the North-West where specific concerns have been raised.

A significant amount of work has been completed and we expect the review, together with advice from Tasmania Police, will be finalised and handed to Government in the next three weeks. We look forward to receiving all observations and evidence, which we will then consider and respond to.

There is no doubt that crystal methamphetamine is an extremely dangerous drug and poses substantial risks to anyone who experiments with it, wherever they live.

That’s why we are reforming our entire health system into a single statewide health service to utilise our resources more effectively and give all Tasmanians access to better services.

Labor and the Greens have been quick to take pot shots at the review after doing nothing on this issue. Rather than throw rocks from the sidelines, they should actually try and be constructive and support the work we are doing in health.

Health Pathways supports health reform

The Liberal Government is reforming our health system to deliver the healthcare Tasmanians need and deserve.

Today I launched the Tasmanian HealthPathways, an online web service which aims to provide Tasmanians with better connected health services, assist in the diagnosis of illness and prompt referrals for treatment.

Health professionals across Tasmania already have access to this valuable resource and while it has been well received, we know we can do more.

There are more pathways to be developed and I urge clinicians to embrace this initiative, integrate it into their regular practice and continue to contribute to its development.

Tasmanian HealthPathways is supporting wider health reform currently underway.

Our One State, One Health System, Better Outcomes reform is about putting the needs of patients back where they belong – at the forefront of every decision.

We have already released an issues paper setting out the challenges Tasmania faces. This will lead into the development of a White Paper next year that will clearly set out the priorities for health and what health services will look like in the future.

We are now on the path to delivering the health system Tasmanians deserve, one that is safe and sustainable.

NBN Switched On At Scottsdale District Hospital

Staff and patients at Scottsdale District Hospital are set to benefit from improved services with the National Broadband Network switched on at the site.
Faster broadband offers greater opportunities for outreach clinical services to be delivered via videoconferencing, supported by clinical staff. Read more »