Royal Hobart Redevelopment back on track

Today I visited the RHH to inspect demolition works which will enable the major refurbishment program scheduled over the next 12 months of the redevelopment. These works will create new clinical and office spaces so hospital services can be relocated and the new K-Block constructed.

The existing B-Block at the RHH will be fully decanted for demolition before April 2016.

This has only been made possible through the development by the Rescue Taskforce of a fully costed decanting plan. The Hodgman Liberal Government’s decisive action to rescue the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment has got the project back on track.
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Long-wait elective surgery patients to finally get treatment

Tasmanians who have spent years on waiting lists for elective surgery will finally get treatment under a $26 million partnership between the Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments. The Department of Health & Human Services will soon release a tender to establish a panel of public and private surgery providers to treat Tasmanians who have been on waiting lists for up to ten years.

A key component of the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Health Services in Tasmania Action Plan signed with the Commonwealth in August last year consists of the purchasing of additional elective surgery and non-surgical procedures to treat long-wait patients. As a result of this agreement $25.9 million has been made available to support this activity. Read more »

Wiser & Older, Safer Drinking throughout Life

When I launched “Wiser & Older Safer Drinking throughout Life” in December last year it was already out of date. Why? Because the booklet stated that alcohol was second only to tobacco as a preventable cause of drug-related death and hospitalisation in Australia. But between the printing and the launch it had become the leading preventable cause of drug-related death and hospitalisation.

The booklet has now been updated in this PDF version that you can download directly by clicking here:
Wiser & Older Safer Drinking throughout Life

I urge you to download the booklet and have a read, it’s full of interesting and sometimes surprising information. For example, Australians tend to drink more as they get older and in 2010 the highest proportion of daily drinkers in Australia were men over 70.

There’s the definition of a “standard drink” and the reminder that the liver of a healthy adult takes about one hour to remove one standard drink and that nothing can speed the process. There’s also a section on the interaction of alcohol with various medications.

Thanks to the Drug Education Network for producing (and updating) the booklet.