Paramedics at the Ready for Busiest Day

Tasmanians are being urged to celebrate safely as footy finals fever takes over this weekend – and spare a thought for paramedics and hospital emergency staff.

It may surprise many that it’s actually the AFL Grand Final that is traditionally the busiest night of the year for emergency response.

That places an enormous burden on Tasmania’s ambulance paramedics and hospital staff. 

I have been especially appreciative of the professionalism shown by paramedics in recent weeks in difficult circumstances.

As I have toured the state, I’ve been impressed by how paramedics keep their focus on the job and put patients first.

It has been a difficult few weeks for paramedics with concerns highlighted about hospital ramping and generally a heightened sense of security.

Paramedics have remained steadfast and continue to present a professional and committed service to the public.

In our emergency departments, the weekend will also bring higher workloads.

Everyone can play a part by planning to enjoy the Grand Final safely, and avoid a trip in an ambulance to the ED.

Of course, the ambulance service will always be there for Tasmanians in an emergency by dialling triple-zero.

Labor-Green disdain for Parliament and for public sector workers.

Labor and the Greens tonight demonstrated their disdain for the Parliament, the Tasmanian public and public servants who face a pay freeze in order to save jobs.

All week the Opposition parties talked about stunts and parliamentary standards, but tonight it was their own behaviour and attempted stunt that took the cake.

After spending hours trying to amend the question before the chair, followed by 90 minutes arguing whether the short title of the Bill should be amended, the Green’s then tried to further delay debate on the legislation by attempting to call on a no-confidence motion.

Their spurious argument was that the name of the Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill was somehow misleading.

Earlier this week Opposition Leader Bryan Green promised not to filibuster debate, and in light of this, the Government was prepared to facilitate sensible debate on this important Bill for as long as necessary.

However, given Labor and the Greens’ antics tonight and their clear demonstration that they had no intent to actually scrutinise the Bill, we had no option but to limit time for the remaining debate in order that it be debated in the Legislative Council next week.

At the conclusion of the debate the Bill will have been scrutinised for just over 14 hours in the House of Assembly, which is longer even the debate for the Pulp Mill Assessment Act (2007).

New Paramedics for the North West Coast


It was a great pleasure to meet the new paramedic graduates who are about to start work as interns on the North West coast. The region is a challenging area for paramedics, combining urban and remote calls and trauma and precautionary assistance.

The six graduates will join 82 existing staff already delivering expert health care on the North West Coast. Read more »