$100 million boost to Frontline Health

The Hodgman Liberal Government is making the biggest ever investment in Tasmania’s health system with $100 million in additional funding, and a total budget of more than $6 Billion over four years to help Tasmanians get high-quality health care when they need it.

This new investment, just like our One Health System reforms, is about getting more Tasmanians the highest possible standard of care.

It means more Tasmanians getting the treatment they need when they need it, in a Statewide health system where each hospital specialises in the services they are best equipped to deliver safely and efficiently.

The additional $100 million investment will provide essential public hospital services, including elective and emergency surgery. It will improve patient outcomes and will build further on the safer, more efficient Statewide health service to be created through the One Health System reforms.

Over the past year we have been working hard to reform the broken health system to create One Health System where everyone has access to the best medical care and where less duplication means more money for patient treatment.

The creation of one single Statewide health system will allow Tasmanians for the first time in decades to have confidence that money spent on health is directly improving patient services, rather than being diverted by the operation of three separate regional health systems and bureaucracies with duplicated administration and services.

We are capitalising on this opportunity by delivering in today’s State Budget an extra $100 million for frontline health services. This is on top of the additional $24 million being invested in improving patient transport, and our $76 million commitment to reduce waiting lists with an Elective Surgery program that will provide treatment for up to 15,000 Tasmanians.

Today’s Budget also includes further funding for the $3 million Hospital Alternative Program, including restoring the successful Hospital in the Home initiatives, and additional funding of $8.3 million for the maintenance and upgrades of hospitals and health centres across the State, including the Launceston General Hospital, Flinders Island Hospital, Launceston Ambulance Station and other rural hospitals.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is putting patients at the forefront of everything we do in health. That’s why we need to maintain fiscal discipline across the State Budget, so that we can afford to invest in better outcomes in health into the future.

New funding to help address long-standing gap in Youth Mental Health resources

The Hodgman Liberal Government has committed an additional $2.4 million over four years for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to address an historical underresourcing of this important area.

Since being elected we have demonstrated our commitment to maintaining fiscal discipline so we can address long-term service gaps in essential services like this one, knowingly under-resourced by the previous Labor-Green government for years.

The $2.4 million boost will help to address long-standing under resourcing and improve outcomes for young Tasmanian with serious mental illness, and will included enhanced resourcing for:

  • services for perinatal, infant and early childhood mental health to support at risk families and infants;
  • addressing the needs of primary age children with severe emotional and conduct disorders;
  • multi-systemic mobile youth outreach interventions to ‘at risk’ teenagers, bringing together CAMHS, education, child protection, youth justice and drug and alcohol services to meet the complex needs of young people at risk of major mental illness, suicide, teenage pregnancy, school dropout, criminal activity, substance use and homelessness;
  • to provide consultation, liaison, education and training to service providers across the child and adolescent sector and greater support to key stakeholder groups.

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Capital upgrade funding brings new patient transport investment to $24 million

Further funding for patient transport upgrades will ensure that Tasmanians receive treatment wherever they can get the best possible outcome.

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government the State is now heading in the right direction. Today’s budget is all about building on the momentum as we fix a broken health system so we can get better health outcomes for Tasmanians.

A $10 million investment in transport infrastructure means the new investment in patient transport by the Hodgman Liberal Government in today’s State Budget totals $24 million. Read more »