North West Regional Hospital helipad

The new helipad at the North West Regional Hospital is structurally complete and meets all the required standards – some minor technical issues have been identified which are now very close to being resolved.

Patients have always been able to be transported from the NWRH. Contrary to Labor leader Bec White’s media release, a patient was in fact transferred this morning by helicopter to the Royal Hobart Hospital where they are receiving the appropriate care.
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More White lies

Today in question time inexperienced Labor leader Bec White again claimed that the Hodgman Liberal Government’s record $6.4 billion health spend includes the $689 million Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment.

This is categorically false, and the second time she has tried to spin this lie.*
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White has no plan for health

Labor Leader Rebecca White has again proven she is no different to former leader Bryan Green – all complaints, and no solutions.

Despite claiming health is her number one priority, in her first “major speech as leader” yesterday outlining her so-called “vision” for the state, she failed to articulate a plan for health or a single policy position.
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Low-THC hemp finally cleared as a food product

The Hodgman Liberal Government is delighted that its long-time advocacy for the use of low-THC industrial hemp as a food product has been successful and will present an exciting new economic opportunity for Tasmanian farmers.

The Health Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation in Adelaide today has endorsed the recent Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) recommendation to allow low-THC hemp to be legally designated as a food, matching the situation in other countries in the world.
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White lies about no beds available at LGH

Bec White has taken her dishonest ‘medi-scare’ campaign to the Launceston General Hospital, a campaign aimed at scaring Tasmanians for her own political gain.

Her claim that there were no beds available when she visited the hospital yesterday is a blatant lie.
There were empty beds available for additional patients when Ms White visited Ward 4D – a ward that the Hodgman Liberal Government re-opened after it was closed by Labor and the Greens.
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John L Grove future certainty with $20 million in 2017-18 state Budget

The Hodgman Liberal Government is providing future certainty for the John L Grove rehabilitation centre with a significant $20 million commitment.

In the first major 2017-18 Tasmanian Budget funding announcement, the four-year, $5 million per annum funding commitment will give staff and clients peace of mind for this important Northern facility.
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