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New Constables join Tasmania Police ranks

Tasmania police will welcome 19 new officers to their ranks today following the latest round of graduations.

The 12 men and 7 women will now take up their posts at stations in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.

With an important task at hand, these new officers will put their training into action and begin serving and protecting the Tasmanian community from next week.

In our last term, the Hodgman Liberal Government rebuilt police numbers to 1,233 after the Labor-Green Government sacked more than 100 officers.

Now, we have our sights on making Tasmania a safer place to live by recruiting a further 125 new front line police officers over the next four years.

Recruiting is ongoing for the next scheduled courses which start later this year, and I would urge anyone considering a rewarding career in policing to visit the Tasmanian Police website.

The Hodgman Liberal Government proudly welcomes these new Constables to the ranks and wish them all the best as they forge their own paths within the Tasmanian Police Service.

Building our digital future

The Hodgman Liberal Government is a strong supporter of our information and communication technology sector as an enabler of economic growth across all industries.

This sector provides businesses with the capacity to raise their profiles, market products state-wide, nationally and globally, and operate more efficiently. This enables Tasmanians to grow their businesses and create more jobs.

In this Budget, we are delivering on a number of key communication technology commitments made as part of our plan to Build Your Future, including:

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Emergency service boost to keep Tasmanians safe

The Hodgman Liberal Government is determined to Keep Tasmanians Safe.

That’s why the 2018-19 State Budget delivers on all the commitments we have made as part of our Plan to Build Your Future – that includes continuing to take a hard line stance on law and order, ensuring Tasmania Police officers have the support they require to keep Tasmanians safe, and a range of measures to ease the impact of flood and fire.

Tasmania Police

We are committed to boosting police numbers by a further 125 sworn officers and embarking on a $10 million dollar build of new police stations. In addition we will provide:

• $400,000 for latest-technology Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) for Tasmania Police, along with training for police officers Statewide. This will assist in a range of specialist police activities including cracking down on anti-social driving to ensure police can capture vehicles used in late night hooning, drag nights and mini-bikes used in urban areas; and
• $4.7 million to continue with plans to replace the Police Vessel Dauntless and by 2021, we will allocate funding of around $6 million for the replacement of the Police Vessel Van Diemen – to better equip for marine rescues, fisheries enforcement and protection of marine resources.

Fire and Emergency Services

• The Government is providing $2 million for volunteer Tasmania Fire Service and State Emergency Service units to apply for equipment and station upgrades
• We are investing $535,000 to develop, sustain and grow Regional Area Teams’ capacity from suitable volunteer fire fighters around the State, providing an exciting career path for those volunteers with good physical fitness levels.
• $12.4 million will be made available to fund the internal fabrication of medium tankers and the purchase of heavy pumpers and aerial appliances as part of the Fire Fighting Appliances Replacement Program.
• A total of $2.8 million is available for the replacement and refurbishment of fire stations.

Flood and Bushfire Mitigation

The Hodgman Liberal Government recognises the importance of flood mitigation and community fire safety. That’s why we are committing:

• an additional $36 million to the Fuel Reduction Program, a nation-leading contemporary and strategic risk-based approach involving the whole of government.
• $1.5 million over three years has been provided to assist with the establishment and ongoing administration of a Flood Policy Unit within the State Emergency Service.
• The Commonwealth and Tasmanian governments are also jointly funding the $3 million Tasmanian Flood Project under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Other initiatives

• $2 million to provide no-interest loans to small businesses to install high-quality CCTV, as part of our crackdown on shoplifting. A maximum loan of $10,000 per business will be available with a three-year repayment term.
• $12 million to build a new Emergency Services Hub at Sorell, in recognition of the rapid growth of the South East region and Sorell in particular.
Tasmanians are well served by a strong emergency service contingent that’s well trained in preparedness, response and recovery. The Hodgman Liberal Government is proud to acknowledge and support both our career and volunteer emergency responders, through our support in the 2018-19 Budget.

More police and new police stations

The Hodgman Liberal Government will take police numbers to the next level with new investment of $36.8 million in this years’ State Budget

We are committed to boosting police numbers by a further 125 sworn officers and embarking on a $10 million dollar build of new police stations.

Tasmania is a great place to live, work and build your future– and we’re committed to Keeping Tasmanians Safe.

The majority of the new police officers will be deployed to frontline duties at first-response main Police Stations and in regional and rural stations around the State to complement existing establishment levels.

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More support for ambulance services

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to supporting paramedics and volunteer ambulance officers and improving ambulance response times in Tasmania.

Ambulance services are so often the frontline of our health services, assisting Tasmanians everyday by being the first respondents in stressful and challenging situations.

We’ve already significantly increased ambulance services, but there’s more to do. This year’s Budget commences our six-year, $125 million plan to boost ambulance services by employing more paramedics, building better facilities and providing more training resources. These investments will save lives.

The Budget includes:

• $31.9 million for an entirely new aeromedical service. This is the centrepiece of our strong plan for ambulance services in Tasmania, and will be the first time the state has a dedicated aeromedical service. It is a giant step forward for our capacity to respond quickly to incidents in rural and remote parts of the state.
• $14.9 million for the progressive recruitment of 42 new rural and regional paramedics.
• Nearly $3 million to support 6 new staff members at the Statewide Operations Centre, which is in addition to the five staff already recruited.
• $12 million for the new Glenorchy and Burnie ambulance stations, plus approximately $5 million of the $15 million rural hospital and ambulance station upgrade fund.
• $800,000 per annum for the Volunteer Support Package, to support our volunteer paramedics by delivering improved coordination, training and recognition.

Importantly, $60 million of this new funding will be delivered within the first three years, enabling the recruitment of 56 new staff and the completion of important capital projects.

These investments will represent a record uplift in capacity, ensuring our service is safer, that paramedics are better able to respond with more support from volunteer ambulance officers, and that there is more paramedic presence in regional and rural communities.

Bigger hospitals, delivering more beds and employing more staff

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to continuing to improve Tasmania’s health system.

We are building on the significant progress already made in the past four years, opening more beds and employing more doctors, nurses and other health staff.

This Budget commences our six-year $757 million plan to build a better health system.

Over the next four years, we will recruit an estimated 478 full-time staff as part of our strong plan.

These vital staff will support a range of new services across Tasmania, building more capacity in our system and ensuring Tasmanians get the care they need sooner.

Our investments will boost the frontline by recruiting more doctors, more nurses, more paramedics and allied health workers, as well as more health support workers.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to investing in our health service, which we can only do because we have the Budget back under control and in surplus.

Importantly, this Budget begins the rollout of 298 brand new beds in our hospitals.

Over the next four years, 76 of these beds will be opened across the state, with the remaining new beds to be rolled out progressively as ward upgrades and redevelopments are completed. This continues our strong record of opening beds after the vicious years of health cuts from Labor and the Greens, which they arrogantly and dishonestly pretend didn’t happen.

We have reversed Labor’s cuts in our first term and are now making further investments to meet demand.

Health is a key priority for the Hodgman Liberal Government and that’s why we will continue to deliver more beds, more staff, and more frontline services.

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