Tasmanian tradition of generosity abounds at RHH

National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the significant contribution of volunteers towards the care and comfort of patients, staff and visitors at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH),
The Hodgman Liberal Government thanks the team at the Royal Hobart Hospital Volunteer Service. It’s one of the proudest and strongest workforces in Tasmania and recently celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.
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Midwives and nurses recognised

Today I joined midwives and nurses to recognise the International Day of the Midwife (May 5) and International Nurses Day (May 12).

Each day these caring professionals ensure all Tasmanians receive first class midwifery and nursing care when being treated within our health system.
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North West Regional Hospital helipad

The new helipad at the North West Regional Hospital is structurally complete and meets all the required standards – some minor technical issues have been identified which are now very close to being resolved.

Patients have always been able to be transported from the NWRH. Contrary to Labor leader Bec White’s media release, a patient was in fact transferred this morning by helicopter to the Royal Hobart Hospital where they are receiving the appropriate care.
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More White lies

Today in question time inexperienced Labor leader Bec White again claimed that the Hodgman Liberal Government’s record $6.4 billion health spend includes the $689 million Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment.

This is categorically false, and the second time she has tried to spin this lie.*
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1 week ago

Michael Ferguson

The choice is clear.

A strong, stable majority Government, with all 15 lower house members re-contesting the next election and a total of 121 years of experience verses an unstable, disunified and inexperienced opposition, with members jumping ship and leaving just 35 years of experience.
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Just watch as O'bryne gets Lara's spot. Five minutes later he'll be appointed labor leader by those in the shadows. Just how much "encouragement" did she get to go?

How about you concentrate on governing instead of wasting time bagging out the opposition.

"minister for health". get a job dude, you're not cut out for this.

How about supporting heritage rail and utilizing the infrastructure that belongs to all Tasmanians not just the Mayor of the Dorset council

What do they say "if you don't have something nice to say.....,"

lets hope you do a lot better next time

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