Double shifts decreasing

The Hodgman Liberal Government made a commitment to reduce the number of double shifts worked by our nurses and midwives and real progress has been made.

Under our policy, during 2016 double shifts were reduced by 18 per cent on the previous calendar year, or 819 fewer double shifts, across Tasmania.
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Suicide prevention service provider announced

Anglicare has been engaged to deliver the Hodgman Liberal Government’s Early Intervention Referral Service (EIRS) to prevent suicide.

The organisation will be advertising for positons to support the $600,000 per annum service this weekend, to allow it to commence in June this year.
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Stop the press! A Labor policy: hold an inquiry!

Labor leader Rebecca White’s call for an inquiry into Royal Hobart Hospital beds makes it clear she still has no solutions and no policies of her own on health.

If the best Ms White can do is call for an inquiry, it confirms just how inexperienced she is. Ms White has been Shadow Minister for Health for three years, and this is the best she can come up with?
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White “reserves our right” to govern in minority

In a damning admission, inexperienced Labor leader Rebecca White has revealed that she “reserves our right” for Labor to govern in minority following the next election.

In an interview in today’s The Australian newspaper, Ms White said “We’d reserve our right to make a decision about whether we would [govern in minority].”*
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4 days ago

Michael Ferguson

The Digital Ready program is about helping small businesses and retailers make the most of opportunities in the digital economy, taking their business to the world. The Government has committed $800,000 over four years to provide free advice, training and analysis. For more go to: ... See MoreSee Less

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Nice work Michael


4 days ago

Michael Ferguson

We're committed to investing in health at the Royal Hobart Hospital and that is why we have employed three Extended Care Paramedics in the South as additional staff with greater scope of practice. The three paramedics, Matt, Tegan and Elise, completed a 10-week intensive training course in February and are now working independently to reduce the need to transport patients to hospital Emergency Departments. Extended Care Paramedics are part of our $5.6 million Patients First initiative which is all about ensuring patients get the care they need sooner. ... See MoreSee Less

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Elise Hill...look at you

Well done Elise,Matt and Tegan wish you all the best

Well done Elise, Matt, Tegan

Awesome Tegan and congrats to you all

Congrats Tegan.

Congratulations Matt Cane 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Yay Matt.....Jerildene Cane....xx

If it wasn't for the extended care paramedics then my pop would not be here it was them insisting he go to the hospital after the other paramedics said he didn't need to.

Bryan Mcmahon

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