The Liberal Government is committed to providing the health services Tasmania needs, both now and into the future.

Before the election, the Liberals were increasingly concerned about former Minister Michelle O’Byrne’s handling of the RHH redevelopment.  Since forming Government, it has become abundantly clear that the project is beset by delays, management issues and potentially significant budget blowouts.

Last week, I had no choice but to ask for permits for preparatory works to be temporarily withdrawn while a number of issues are resolved.

I have sought urgent advice on these issues and I will be taking this advice to Cabinet shortly.

I am not going to provide an ongoing commentary on the redevelopment until I have the full advice that I have asked for and until Cabinet has had time to consider that advice.

However, the fact remains that this situation is entirely at the feet of Labor, and in particular former Health Minister, Michelle O’Byrne.

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