The Liberal Government has supported the National Broadband Network since day one.

We have strongly advocated for greater use of Aurora Energy’s expertise and above-ground assets as a way to help the NBN rollout to succeed and ensure Tasmanians get the high-speed broadband they deserve.

The Liberal Government is getting on with the job and I am extremely pleased to announce that 2 Fibre Serving Area Modules (or FSAMs) have commenced construction this month.

From these FSAMs, located in Glebe and Riverside, high-speed broadband will go out to thousands of homes and businesses using the power pole network.

I am very pleased to announce work is already underway at both sites to increase the aerial deployment with 107 poles being utilised at Glebe and 183 at Riverside. This is a result of redesign work the Government-owned company has performed on behalf of the contractor.

In addition, a further four FSAMs in Lindisfarne, Claremont, Waverley and Norwood have also been redesigned for optimised aerial deployment and are waiting on construction approval.

This work represents early and significant progress by the Liberal Government as meaningfully helping NBN Co with the rollout in a timely and cost effective way.

It is also part of the Government’s continuing effort to support the fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) model.

On coming to office, the Liberal Government commenced regular communication with the Federal Government, NBN Co and NBN contractors as part of a cooperative team effort.

The Liberal Government is committed to creating a connected and empowered Tasmanian economy and the Information and Technology sector is vital to our long term plan for the future of Tasmania.

By working with the Federal Government, industry and the ICT sector, we can grow Tasmania’s prosperity and give Tasmanians the internet they deserve.

Additional data:

In addition to Glebe and Riverside, a further four FSAMs have been designed or redesigned for increased aerial infrastructure. Those designs are now complete and are awaiting construction approval by NBN Co. They are:

7BEV-03 Lindisfarne, Hobart – 378 poles (aerially optimised design)

7LAU-07 Waverley, Launceston – 193 poles (previously all underground)

7SHL-02 Norwood, Launceston – 139 poles (aerially optimised design)

7NWT-01 Claremont, Hobart – 320 poles (aerially optimised design)

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