Today’s Budget delivers on our promise to Tasmanians to reduce elective surgery waiting lists and rebuild essential services.

We are rolling out an extra $76 million over four years to perform up to an extra 15,000 elective surgeries that will see more Tasmanians get the surgery they need sooner.

As part of our commitment $5.3 million of this funding has already flowed across the State and hundreds of Tasmanians have received their surgeries under the Liberal Government.

By working constructively with the Federal Government we will also see an additional $23.4 million provided for elective surgery, meaning up to an extra 2,000 Tasmanians will receive treatment over the next two years.
These initiatives combine to nearly $100 million to fund up to 17,000 additional surgeries for Tasmanians.

It’s important to note that this funding helps more than just patients. It means surgeons can get back into operating theatres and there will be less frustration for health workers as patient flow is improved.

The Liberal Government is committed to reforming our health system and this additional funding will provide much needed relief for patients – many of whom have waited longer than appropriate.

We are building a health system that is safe, efficient and effective and today is another step towards a better future under the Liberal Government.

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