The August 28 budget will deliver on our promises, fix the mess left by Labor and the Greens and lay the foundation for the future.

We have begun the task of overhauling our health system with our One State, One Health system; Better Outcomes reform package, which will put the needs of patients back where they belong – at the centre of every decision.

To deliver the health care Tasmanians need and deserve, we will rebuild our health system and that includes delivering the infrastructure to support the growing needs of patients.

Tenders will be called for over the next month for more than $5 million worth of redevelopment works at the Launceston General Hospital.

Tender notices have been published this weekend for the redevelopment of the hospital’s Specialist Clinics.

The Clinics are among three areas at the hospital to be upgraded; to follow are the Allied Health Department on Level 2 and the consolidation of clinical research offices on Level 5.

The current Specialist Clinics are more than 35 years old and are simply outdated. An increase in demand for services means the single waiting room is inadequate, leading to problems with overcrowding and patient privacy.

The new clinic will be built around a contemporary, four pod model, with individual reception and waiting areas, and a front desk.

The redevelopment is planned to start in November and is expected to take about seven months to complete. While work is underway, the current clinic will move to level four.

The incredibly dedicated volunteers from the LGH Central Auxiliary will contribute more than $140,000 raised through the hospital kiosk to purchase items to make patient visits more comfortable, including waiting room chairs and televisions.      

The Liberal Government is rebuilding our health system to ensure the right services are in the right place so patients can access the right treatment at the right time.

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