The Government joined Ambulance Tasmania today to launch a pilot program of a new computerised system which will equip paramedics with the right information, at the right place and at the right time.

The In-Vehicle Information Systems is an on-board computer linked to the dispatch system, which will allow crews to receive the most up to date information and patient details as well as the quickest route to an incident.

This program will also see a hospital allocation matrix developed, allowing hospitals to see, in real time, when patients are being transported to the hospital. This will enhance integration with emergency departments and assist with patient flow at hospitals.

This system will assist Ambulance Tasmania better manage resources, reduce response times and improve patient outcomes.

These goals are shared by the Liberal Government as we reform the health system to put the needs of patients back where they belong – at the forefront of every decision.

We will continue to support and reinvest in frontline services and together with all Tasmanians deliver the healthcare system they need and deserve.

The program has been partly funded by a grant from the Federal Government.

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