Staff and patients at Scottsdale District Hospital are set to benefit from improved services with the National Broadband Network switched on at the site.
Faster broadband offers greater opportunities for outreach clinical services to be delivered via videoconferencing, supported by clinical staff.

Video conferencing will also allow staff to have training delivered on site rather than travelling to Launceston, which means less time on the road and more time for patient care.

The Government will continue to work with Scottsdale Hospital to explore further opportunities that faster broadband brings to rural and regional areas to assist in delivering care to Tasmanians.

Despite the NBN being available in Scottsdale since 2010 the previous government did not take advantage of this opportunity.

We have resolved all the bureaucratic issues and the local community will now get the benefits.

The Liberal Government is reforming our health system to deliver the healthcare Tasmanians need and deserve. We have to get our system right and make sure we running it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We have to make sure Tasmanians have high quality, safe, appropriate clinical care when and where they need it. That means we have to make informed choices about where to put services and how to best deliver them.

The Liberal Government will continue to support the rollout of the NBN and our healthcare system to deliver better productivity and services to all Tasmanians.

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