Tasmania’s paramedics are to be congratulated after a new survey showed high patient satisfaction with Ambulance Tasmania. The Council of Ambulance Authorities Patient Satisfaction Survey showed the overall satisfaction rating for Tasmanians using the ambulance service remained high at 98 per cent.

The Patient Satisfaction Survey reviews patients, or their carer, who have been transported by ambulance services under emergency and urgent categories.

There has been a significant increase in satisfaction with the conditions of the trip when being transported by an ambulance coming in at 96 per cent, up three per cent from 2013.

Patients also recorded 96 per cent satisfaction with the time the ambulance took to arrive, an increase of one per cent from the previous year.

The ratings for the care paramedics took when attending patients was 99 per cent, the standard of treatment received from paramedics was 99 per cent and the satisfaction with the emergency call operator was 98 per cent.

The results are especially pleasing giving the challenge of providing ambulance services in Tasmania due to the State having one of the most decentralised populations in Australia.

The Liberal Government is committed to rebuilding our health system and investing in frontline services so Tasmanians get the healthcare they need and deserve.

The hard work, dedication and professionalism of our health staff is to be commended. I congratulate and thank all Ambulance Tasmania staff for providing exceptional quality care to Tasmanians right through the care process and for continually acting with pride and professionalism in their engagement with the public.

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