Today I visited the RHH to inspect demolition works which will enable the major refurbishment program scheduled over the next 12 months of the redevelopment. These works will create new clinical and office spaces so hospital services can be relocated and the new K-Block constructed.

The existing B-Block at the RHH will be fully decanted for demolition before April 2016.

This has only been made possible through the development by the Rescue Taskforce of a fully costed decanting plan. The Hodgman Liberal Government’s decisive action to rescue the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment has got the project back on track.

The demolition work happening today and the progress we will see over the next 12 months was a far-away dream less than a year ago when the Labor-Green government had allowed the project to run completely off the rails, both in terms of budget and timeframe.

The Rescue Taskforce’s report released in December last year eliminated the major cost, time and patient safety issues identified as major risks during incoming government briefings.
Since then, substantial work has been done on the design of important elements of the improved and enhanced redevelopment project.

This includes the mental health precinct which the Government allocated an additional $2.4 million for after the taskforce found significant flaws with the original design.

Many major refurbishment works will take place over coming months, with a number of tenders to be advertised during March and April.

Refurbishment works will include the remediation of hazardous materials by licenced contractors.

The RHH Redevelopment project is jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments.

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