The Hodgman Liberal Government has taken another step forward in delivering on our commitment to move whole-of-government data to the Tasmanian Cloud, with the scoping and implementation discussion paper on the Tasmanian Cloud and the Government’s use of public cloud service released today.

We took to the election a four-year goal of moving to secure, on-island sovereignty arrangements, where critical public sector data is stored within Tasmania.

This is about a one-Government approach to service delivery so Government staff have secure and controlled access anywhere, anytime, to the ICT services which they need to do their jobs.

This could be anything from teachers and students accessing learning resources, regardless of their location, to child services, so authorised staff from multiple agencies including health, justice, education and police can securely access each other’s networks to manage client caseloads, where pre-authorised and authenticated.

The release of today’s paper is part of the ongoing consultation process with the ICT industry which started in November last year.

Feedback from the ICT industry will be used in the finalisation of the Tasmanian Cloud Policy, including the range of services that will be included.

The Government is working to grow our ICT sector and build a connected and empowered Tasmanian economy to drive economic growth and create jobs.

We remain in discussions with SubPartners about the APX-Central proposal and fibre spur to Tasmania and we are seeking specialised technical and commercial advice on the proposal.

A contract has been awarded to Advisian Pty Ltd, a Sydney based firm, who in partnership with Tasmanian consultant Mr Gary Eiszele, won a Government tender.

Mr Eiszele is a Tasmanian consultant who has a deep knowledge of telecommunications and backhaul infrastructure.  Mr Eiszele, as part of the Advisian team, will now assist the Government to evaluate this important infrastructure project for the State.

Once the Government has thoroughly investigated the costs and opportunities, aided by this specialist advice, we will be in a position to make an informed decision about our involvement in the project over the coming months. If the APX-Central project goes ahead, any Tasmanian landing would most likely happen in late 2016.

The discussion paper can be viewed at

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