I was very pleased today to attend Sense-T’s Stage 1 Projects Seminar in Hobart and acknowledge the industry participants and the exciting results of these projects to date.

Sense-T is helping to create an economy-wide sensor network in Tasmania and creating a digital view of the state by combining different data sources, including real-time sensor data.

The Liberal Government is working to ensure Tasmania can capitalise on our competitive strengths and Sense-T projects are helping us to increase our knowledge and advantages in key industries like agriculture.

Stage One Sense-T has focussed on the agriculture and aquaculture sector, including beef and dairy, viticulture and water management.

Stage Two projects are now getting underway and will expand to areas such as tourism, health, new financial services, and infrastructure, freight and logistics.

In addition, the Hodgman Liberal Government has identified mining, forestry, and other key sectors of the Tasmanian economy as priority themes for research under government funding provided to the program.

Sense-T consulted widely with farmers, industry and government regulators to identify the problems and challenges they wanted to address.

This resulted in four projects that demonstrated how sensor data can be used to improve productivity and achieve practical outcomes in the areas of agriculture, viticulture, water management and aquaculture.

Sense-T is an important part of the Government’s vision for the role that IT, data and research can play in building a more modern Tasmanian economy.

The Sense-T program is funded by a range of government, research, academic, sectoral and commercial partners including the Tasmanian Government.

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