Tonight the Tasmanian Parliament voted on the issue of marriage. It’s a matter for the Commonwealth, as confirmed by the High Court. Nonetheless, the vote was carried and I voted for the traditional definition of marriage as I’ve committed to do before my election by the voters of Bass.

What must be noted, is a MAJOR step forward for free speech in Tasmania – at a time when a church leader has been taken to the Anti Discrimination Commission for sharing the Church’s beliefs on marriage.

Tonight the Parliament supported a Liberal motion which: “Affirms its strong support for every Tasmanian to enjoy full freedom of belief and freedom of expression in a respectful debate leading up to the national plebiscite proposed by the Federal Government.”

Also, the Government has indicated that the Anti Discrimination Act needs to be reviewed to ensure principles of free speech are protected.

Whatever your view on this issue, we all should applaud that the Parliament has endorsed a debate where the views of every Tasmanian are welcome and accorded the respect that everyone deserves.

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