The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to Tasmania having the healthiest population in Australia by 2025. The annual impact of influenza is significant in Tasmania with 1434 ‘Flu notifications reported last year.

Apart from the impact it has on individuals, the ‘Flu puts pressure on our GPs and public hospitals, results in lost productivity and some sections of the community are at particular risk of contracting the virus.

To give Tasmanians greater access to influenza vaccinations the Government has amended the Poisons Regulations to allow properly trained pharmacists to administer the vaccine.

Once appropriately trained, pharmacist immunisers will be able to vaccinate people aged 18 and over against influenza.

By increasing access to vaccination, individuals and the Tasmanian community as a whole will be better protected from the impact of influenza.

Some pharmacies may choose not to have a pharmacist undertake the training, and will continue employing nurse immunisers or general practitioners to provide influenza vaccinations.

Pharmacists will only be able to administer influenza vaccinations, and only after they have been signed off by the Director of Public Health.

Significant work has been underway since last year to develop the appropriate training and registration for pharmacist immunisers, with a view to enabling registration to occur ahead of the next influenza season.

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