Receiving lifesaving organ transplants not only saves lives, but it transforms families by providing an optimistic future to look forward to.

The Hodgman Liberal Government wants to acknowledge the generosity of the nine Tasmanian donor families who provided consent for their loved ones to donate their organs in 2015.

These are courageous decisions and do not go unnoticed.

This translates to Tasmania achieving a donation outcome of 17.4 donors per million population, the national figure is 18.3 per million.

DonateLife Tasmania received a record number of 49 donor referrals in 2015, representing a 5 per cent increase on 2014. Of those, 80 per cent of these referrals were for potential organ donors, with 20 per cent for independent eye donors.

This is reflecting the growth of the donation sector in Tasmania and the sustained efforts of donation specialists and hospital staff in identifying all potential organ and tissue donation opportunities.

I congratulate DonateLife Tasmania following the release of the 2015 national and state performance report on organ and tissue donation.

In 2015 DonateLife Tasmania coordinated nine deceased organ donations, resulting in life saving and life-changing organ transplants for 27 recipients.

These generous donors and their families have provided the greatest gift anyone can give – a second chance at life for someone needing a new organ.

Highly skilled donation specialist staff from our major public hospitals work closely across the Tasmanian Health Service to maximise potential donation opportunities.

These staff sensitively raise the opportunity to donate with grieving relatives, and provide ongoing family care.

These statistics show Tasmanians are continuing their pay it forward attitude by supporting organ and tissue donation.

I urge all Tasmanians to discuss organ and tissue donation with their families so they know their wishes. In Australia, the family of every potential donor will be asked to confirm the donation decision of their loved one before donation can proceed.

Last year 1 241 Australians received a second chance at life thanks to the generosity of 435 deceased organ donors and their families.
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