Labor has no policy and no plan, they only have a history of mishandling the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment. The $389 million contract for the RHH Redevelopment has been awarded to a joint venture of Tasmanian company Fairbrother and John Holland.

Over the total life of the $689 million RHH redevelopment, it is estimated that there will be 4,000 jobs direct and indirectly created in Tasmania.

Fairbrother, a reputable Tasmanian company, won the tender to construct the new temporary facility to allow safe decanting.

Fairbrother’s offer was the only one received that provided for construction within the required timeframes and was the only bid with a fully modular approach to construction, allowing it to be re-used at a different site after the redevelopment.

Fairbrother have in turn engaged interstate specialist contractor Modscape for the modules and Launceston contractor Crisp Brothers Hayward for the significant steel works and have therefore employed workers in Launceston, Spreyton, Hobart and Victoria to deliver the Liverpool street temporary facility.

Modscape has advised that all its workers and subcontractors are employed legitimately.
People should remember, Labor’s alternative was not to build this temporary facility at all, and instead send RHH patients in an unsafe manner to suburbs all around Hobart.

The simple fact is that Labor botched this important redevelopment to the point that it couldn’t have proceeded. The Government has rescued the project, improved it and established a safe patient decant plan.

Throwing rocks from the sidelines will not distract the Government from delivering the state-of-the-art hospital that Tasmanians deserve.

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