Right to Information documents released today show expenditure made to progress design, engineering and other critical works for the major project remains on budget and on time.

The overall budget for the project is $689 million, the documents show that the project team spent more than $30 million on works in the second half of 2015, including more than $23 million spent on construction, with other costs including planning, IT and governance.

Construction works are now scaling up to prepare the Liverpool Street forecourt for the installation of a temporary inpatient facility.
A 130 tonne crane is now onsite with the assembly of the external emergency evacuation stairwells to begin.

The construction of the steel supporting structure and second stairwell at the southern end of the forecourt will follow over the coming weeks.
To minimise disruption to the hospital, the temporary facility’s modules are being built off site and are planned for installation at the end of February.

The RHH redevelopment will create more than 4,000 jobs direct and indirectly in Tasmania over the total life of the project and generate $1.6 billion in economic activity, as well as being a key part of our health system for the future.

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