Claims made today that the RHH Redevelopment is delayed, unsafe or over budget – are wrong.

I have always acknowledged that with such a large project there will be challenges and construction issues, but it remains on budget and on time for completion at the end 2018.

It is very disappointing that the inexperienced Ms White is unnecessarily creating fear by wrongly suggesting that building site issues have contaminated the working hospital – they have not.

Only after Ms White’s attempt to pass herself off as a union delegate failed (not disclosed in Ms White’s media release), did she ask permission to access the construction site. This was denied on advice received by my office from the Project Director, which I am releasing below. This is advice Ms White never even asked for in her rush for a headline.

We will not allow Ms White to compromise safety or stop construction just so she can create a media stunt.

Patient safety is always our highest priority. That is why we are creating temporary in patient facility to decant patients onsite instead of Labor’s thought bubble of carting seriously ill patients offsite.

Ms White should stop playing politics and start supporting a project which will deliver a state-of the-art health facility for generations of future Tasmanians.

Hi Peter,
Further to your enquiry regarding access to the Temporary Inpatient Facility.
The site is under the control and management of the Managing Contractor for the purposes of undertaking the works. Only those that require access to undertake the works may be approved by the Managing Contractor to access the site.
Although the Principal’s Representative may grant access to other parties, the site is a construction zone and unnecessary access can be a safety risk to the visitors and to the construction workforce.
The Managing Contractor has requested that the Principal be aware of this when granting access to others and consideration of any disruptions to productivity such visits may cause.
Ben Moloney
Project Director
RHH Redevelopment

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