The Hodgman Liberal Government is building a better health system with major investments around the state in improved facilities. A modern 54-bed inpatient facility is being installed at the Royal Hobart Hospital forecourt this week to accommodate patients while the $689 million RHH Redevelopment is completed.

In addition to being a key part of our health system for the future, the RHH redevelopment will create more than 4,000 jobs direct and indirectly in Tasmania over the total life of the project and generate $1.6 billion in economic activity.

The new temporary inpatient facility means that we have been able to avoid the former Labor-Green Government’s unsafe and unworkable plan to move acute care patients offsite.
Under our plan, acute care patients receiving mental health or general medical care will be able to stay at the RHH accommodated a state-of-the-art temporary facility.

This modern facility is close to critical medical facilities yet away from the day to day disruption of major construction.

This negates the significant clinical risk associated with moving these patients offsite.
The inpatient facility will remain in the forecourt until the new ten-storey state-of the-art inpatient precinct known as K-Block is completed by the end of 2018.

As a specific benefit of Fairbrother’s modular construction method, when it is no longer required for the RHH Redevelopment, a decision will be made on if the temporary facility has an ongoing role within the health service, or if it should be sold.

A 450 tonne mobile crane is currently on site, finishing the installation of the facility’s 64 modules.

I’d like to extend my thanks to those who might have been impacted for their patience while we build a new hospital for future generations of Tasmanians.

Works will be completed by 11 pm, Sunday, 6 March 2016 when the affected section of Liverpool Street will be reopened including the main entrance to the hospital.
The emergency department vehicle ramp remains open.

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