As Parliament sits this week for the first time in 2016, the Hodgman Liberal Government is optimistic about the year ahead as we move to capitalise on the state’s enormous potential.

Our long-term plan to grow the state is working, with Tasmania’s economy growing at the fastest rate in six years and nearly 4000 jobs created since the election, and the budget is on track to return to surplus next financial year, three years ahead of schedule.

Our good financial management and growing economy has allowed us to reinvest the dividends into the core, essential services of Government such as health, education, skills and protecting our most vulnerable.

While the state has faced some challenging situations already in 2016, we are able to meet them head on and we will continue to do so ahead of a busy first week in Parliament.
The unpreceded energy situation remains the state’s most pressing issue, and Energy Minister Matthew Groom will update Tasmanians on the current situation and the Government’s Energy Supply Plan in a Ministerial Statement on Tuesday.

Wednesday will see the Premier Will Hodgman deliver the annual State of the State, where he will reflect on the gains made over the past year, and look ahead to our immediate and long-term plans for Tasmania.

The Minister for Human Services Jacquie Petrusma will then deliver a Ministerial Statement on Thursday detailing the redesign of the Child Protection System as a result of the Harries Report, and the Government’s response.

The true test of any Government is how it responds to a challenge. As a Government, we have responded with a steady hand; a measured, responsible and united approach. This is something Tasmanians have come to depend upon and expect from us.

In contrast, Labor are disunited, they have no plans for the future other than to throw rocks, and after the three-month summer Parliamentary break the best they can offer is a silly political stunt by way of a no confidence motion in the speaker.

We are focussed on Tasmania’s future, Labor and the Greens are focussed on political games.

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