Bec White’s resentment of the Hodgman Liberal Government being able to rescue the Royal Redevelopment after the former government left it in a mess, know no bounds.

She has now taken to scaring patients about a 54 bed temporary inpatient facility installed to safely decant patients onsite.

The fit out of the temporary facility is progressing despite some additional work being required as a result of damage to a number of modules during transit, which included some water damage.

This was identified during a thorough inspection of the installed modules and is being fixed, at no cost to taxpayers.

The Managing Contractor has confirmed that it is managing all works and will bear any additional costs associated with transit damage.

Cabling, joinery and floor vinyl is currently being installed and patient rooms are taking shape.

A period of six to eight weeks after installation was always required to allow for internal works to occur, followed by a period of user testing and orientation before any patients are relocated to the new wards.

I absolutely reject the false claim that patient safety would be compromised.
The safety of patients is the highest priority, which is why we rejected Labor’s thought bubble of carting seriously ill patients offsite to the Northern suburbs.

Tasmanians can be assured the Royal Redevelopment is now in safe hands and will be delivered on time and on budget.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is delivering a state-of-the-art health facility to meet the needs of Tasmanians for generations to come.

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