The RHH Redevelopment project will deliver a state-of-the-art health facility for generations of Tasmanians to come as well as provide significant employment opportunities for Tasmanians during construction.

I strongly encourage Tasmanian businesses to continue to put their hands up for K-Block work packages as they are advertised by the Managing Contractor over coming months.

Future opportunities will be advertised on the Tasmanian Government Tenders website

Tasmanian companies can register their interest through the Industry Capability Network of Tasmania Gateway, available online at:

Including the new state-of-the-art temporary inpatient facility, there has been $50 million of construction creating new patient and clinical areas in the RHH to allow for decanting.

Tasmanian businesses involved in these construction works include Fairbrother, Launceston contractor Crisp Brothers Haywards, Macquarie Builders and Hutchinson Builders.

The modules for a temporary 54 bed inpatient facility were safely installed last week as scheduled.

This major construction project was a good test for works to come with the construction of K-Block.

The Managing Contractor will continue to tender using the Tasmanian Government’s Buy Local Policy, ensuring best value for the Tasmanian dollar and the completion of the RHH Redevelopment on time and to budget.

B-Block demolition work remains on track to commence in April 2016.

Initial demolition works will involve removal of hazardous materials and fixtures in vacated areas prior to the structure being dismantled gradually using appropriate machinery rather than it being collapsed.

The Managing Contractor knows how best to deliver the project on time and is responsible for planning and programming the works.

The schedule of works such as when floor slabs are poured will be monitored to assess progress.

At the same time, the Managing Contractor will have the flexibility it needs to deliver their program of works and complete K-Block by the end of 2018.

The $689 million RHH Redevelopment project is a joint Australian and Tasmanian Government funded initiative.

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