The Government has asked WorkSafe Tasmania to look into allegations made by unions about unsafe work practices at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Contrary to claims made by the Opposition, until Minister Brooks requested it today, there had been no referral of the matter to WorkSafe or request for an investigation.

This morning, on advice from the Chief Executive of WorkSafe Tasmania, I advised parliament that “Neither the employer nor the unions have brought the allegation to the attention of WorkSafe …”
Since then, WorkSafe has continued to search its records and I am advised that upon a further search through the records it has located an email sent from a union organiser to the builder. WorkSafe Tasmania was copied into this email to the builder but was not the primary addressee of the email.

The union’s email to the builder canvassed a range of issues relating to the work site at the RHH. It was sent on at 4.24 pm on Friday, 22 April 2016.

I am advised that WorkSafe Tasmania has again checked its electronic records and there is no record of a referral, that there have been no calls to the WorkSafe hotline and the WorkSafe inspector attending the site has made no reference to the claimed illness cluster issue that was raised by the opposition today.

Nonetheless the Government takes any safety concern seriously and I am advised that the Minister for Building and Construction has requested WorkSafe to investigate these matters and the Chief Executive of WorkSafe has agreed to do so.

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