Labor is ideologically opposed to using the private sector to improve health results; it seems Ms White would prefer people suffered in pain on waiting lists rather than get surgery in a private hospital.

In contrast, the Hodgman Liberal Government is interested in results and we will not be bound by ideology in achieving better results for patients.

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government’s health reforms over 1,180 additional elective surgery procedures have been carried out this financial year to date, with a focus on the longest waiting and children.

Part of our Plan to reduce waiting lists is to engage with the private sector.

To maximise the number of long waiting patients treated this year, THS/DHHS contacted people waiting, who weren’t scheduled for surgery in public hospitals, and offered for them to be considered for surgery through the private panel arrangement.

This comprised more than 400 long waiting patients that couldn’t be treated in public hospitals in a timely manner.

It is wrong for Labor to imply that patients won’t receive their surgeries. Due to an administrative error, a small number of people were mistakenly advised recently they would receive surgery at LGH. These patients have all consented to receive their surgery in the private sector by 30 June this year – over and above the numbers able to be accommodated in the THS.

Just a few months ago Bec White was complaining that the Government has not put enough patients through the private system, now she doesn’t want the arrangement. It is pure politics from the Labor Party which left these patients waiting too long for surgery.

Ms White can continue to play politics, we are focused on helping Tasmanians get the surgery they need as quickly as possible, whether it be locally or interstate, in a public or private hospital.

We will continue to roll out our extra $76 million investment in elective surgery – opposed by Labor.

From July, the Mersey Community Hospital will become a dedicated elective surgery centre, which will assist even more Tasmanians to get their surgery sooner.

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