With the Budget back on track the Hodgman Liberal Government is able to reinvest in essential services including mental health.

Supporting vulnerable Tasmanians is a major priority, which is why the 2016-17 Budget includes an additional $3 million over four years to deliver key actions in the Government’s 10 year Rethink Mental Health Plan, along with strategies for suicide prevention.

Every life lost to suicide is one too many and comes at a huge personal cost to families, friends and communities. It is critical that we develop an integrated mental health system that provides support in the right place, at the right time and with clear signposts about where and how to get help.

The additional funding will assist with:

o Implementation of the Safe Wards model of care in public mental health inpatient units which supports staff to reduce conflict and containment providing a more therapeutic environment for patients and a safer working environment for staff.

o Developing consultation frameworks with public mental health services to enable people to receive mental support in the community through GPs and other primary health providers.

o Establishing a peer workforce in public mental health services to complement the existing workforce.

The $3 million will support the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Strategy and Youth Suicide Prevention Plan launched earlier this year and is in addition to the $8.7 million we are already investing in mental health services in Tasmania.

Funding already in place is making a difference. It is enabling the extension of mental health support in rural communities, more staff in child and adolescent mental health services and increased advocacy support. It is also delivering grassroots mental health support through Neighbourhood Houses and Men’s Sheds, and targeted and proactive suicide prevention strategies.

The Hodgman Liberal Government recognises that mental health is a major issue for all communities and we are committed to ensuring there is enough support in place for those who need it.

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