I am very disappointed that the union is choosing to play even more politics – refusing to put what is a very reasonable offer in front of members proves that.

They would rather continue a political campaign to try and influence the federal election than see their members get a pay rise.

The offer put to HACSU today is fair and reasonable – in fact the maximum allowable under the Government wages policy – that is 2 per cent each year, for three years and which is also above inflation.

The Government does appreciate and care about our paramedics.

Let’s not forget paramedics received a 14 per cent pay rise last year under the current Government.

The union’s Tim Jacobson has also claimed that the government spent $1 million fighting the 14 per cent increase – this is wrong, it was in fact the Labor/Green Government.

We are also prepared to separately deal with a limited number of managers and communications officers who didn’t get the 14 per cent increase.

While the Government has been prepared to work constructively to get a workable agreement it has been disappointing that HACSU have been more intent on playing politics.

We urge them to put members first and accept what is a very reasonable offer.

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