This week, the Liberal Government’s historic surplus budget passed the lower house.
This was despite Labor and the Greens wasting valuable parliamentary time with their tawdry but hollow parliamentary stunts.

Even though Adam Brooks resigned as a Minister and further apologised to the Parliament – this was not enough for Labor and the Greens who insisted on running pointless and futile motions.

It seemed that rather than focusing on important issues like the budget – on which they asked zero questions – Mr Green was on a particularly personal vendetta and wanted Mr Brooks hung, drawn and quartered.

In relation to the building bill, this is part of a package of four bills and it has always been the intention that it won’t be proclaimed until three other bills linked to it pass both houses of parliament. That will happen later this year, and our intention is to have the reforms in place and benefitting Tasmanians from 1 January 2017. The fact that the bill, while important, is not an urgent item of government business was personally conveyed to the Opposition last night before the house was adjourned. There are also other bills as part of our heavy legislative program which are also on notice.

Labor have no right to complain about government bills. Their own parliamentary motions for unlimited debates would have in fact blocked other bills and even the budget.

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