A constructive meeting has occurred today between DHHS and HACSU. The Government wants to see this matter resolved, it is in the public interest and the interest of ambulance employees.

We have in good faith presented an offer of 6 per cent over the next three years, which represents the maximum amount payable under the government’s wages policy.

This is a fair and reasonable offer and is in addition to the 14 per cent rise paramedics received last year.

We are also prepared to separately deal with a limited number of managers and communications officers who didn’t get the 14 per cent increase.

Contrary to what the union is claiming there was no “deal” in February despite negotiations occurring.

I acknowledge that this continual misrepresentation has caused concern in the community and we want to resolve this amicably.

In the interests of public safety, we urge the union to discontinue industrial action while talks continue.

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