The Tasmanian Government has today made a formal offer to the Health and Community Services Union to finalise the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement for Ambulance Tasmania paramedics.

This is a good offer, which at two per cent per year is in line with our Government Wages Policy and reflects the agreed position from constructive negotiations last week.

In recognition of the unique circumstances facing paramedics where they have not had a regular pay increase since 2014, the offer is backdated to December 1, 2014, expiring in mid-2018.

The Government has always sought to negotiate in good faith and this result demonstrates that.

It is important to note that this offer comes in addition to the 14 per cent pay rise, paramedics are receiving as a result of the Work Value Claim, which the Government resolved last year after a long-running dispute left behind by the previous Government.

We look forward to HACSU presenting the offer to its members.

It is hoped that our valued staff will accept this offer and that the union will resolve the current dispute, and end the subsequent industrial action that has taken place.

We look forward to the resolution of this matter in the interests of our paramedics and wider community.

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