The findings from the WorkSafe report that have been made public today, has found there is no illness cluster at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Opposition leader Bryan Green and Rebecca White must apologise for their appalling behaviour on this issue.
They misled Parliament repeatedly.

According to the Hansard from Question Time on April 26, 2016, both Mr Green and Ms White made repeated unsubstantiated claims – which we now know are false.

These were not questions, they were presented to the Parliament as statements of fact by Mr Green and Ms White.

Green: “You would be aware that the situation has evolved to such a disaster that an illness cluster relating to extensive mould infestations has been identified among construction workers.’’

Green: “These workers are now suffering respiratory conditions because you allowed them to be exposed to potentially deadly mould.”

White: “You have responsibility for the safety of these workers yet you chose to do nothing and exposed them to very dangerous conditions.’’

And on the ABC that night –
White: “The workers are reporting respiratory concerns, cold and flu-like symptoms. We’ve been contacted just today by a father of one of the workers on the site there who claims that he as a consequence of being exposed to the mould became extremely ill. We are not just talking about asthma conditions being inflamed as a consequence of this, but this is someone who has to go to hospital”.

Mr Green and Ms White must apologise to the Tasmanian public for their scaremongering on this issue and they must apologise to the builder, for making these false claims.

This report vindicates the builders of any wrong doing.

Mr Green and Ms White have no credibility and must apologise to the Tasmanian public and the builders for their behaviour.

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