Tasmania’s East Coast experienced the largest increase in tourism numbers of any region last year, with 5.5 per cent growth.

A Digital Ready session on the East Coast today is specifically aimed at assisting local businesses to be digital savvy, so they can better meet visitor expectations and more widely communicate what they have to offer.

Whether it be ensuring a business has reliable WiFi or even the ability for people to Paywave for a coffee, they are small things that can make the experience of visiting the state better.

The session was organised to help local tourism operators leverage off Tourism Australia’s 2016 aquatic and coastal marketing campaign.

Participants have learnt how to create the kind of content that Tourism Australia is looking for and other strategies that best market their business and broadly, the state.

The Digital Ready for Business program has been highly successful in assisting small businesses and retailers improve their digital skills, understanding and confidence, which will empower them to make better digital economy business decisions.

This year 97 public Digital Ready seminars are being offered at locations around the state including Scottsdale as well as King and Flinders islands, and already 1395 registrations from small businesses have been received.

Businesses can express their interest at any time for future sessions via the Digital Ready website: www.digitalready.tas.gov.au

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to getting behind and backing Tasmanian businesses and in particular small business, to create jobs and to grow our state.

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