As part of our One Health System reforms the Hodgman Liberal Government is developing an integrated trauma care service for Tasmania.

This will ensure everyone, both residents and visitors to this state, get the most appropriate, timely emergency care possible.

We have appointed a Statewide Trauma Service Acting Director in Dr Sandy Zalstein, who is developing a State Trauma Service plan to build an effective and sustainable service, modelled on best practice from Australia and internationally.

The service will reflect the White Paper recommendations made by the Trauma Clinical Advisory Group, with its statewide representation, as part of the health reform process.

A Statewide Trauma Committee will be established to harmonise evidence-based trauma care in accordance with the endorsed role delineation framework and clinical services profile for trauma involving all Tasmanian Health Service hospitals.

This involves working closely with Ambulance Tasmania to ensure that patients get to the hospital most appropriate for their care as soon as possible, while taking into account factors such as clinical information and patient transport logistics.

A key part of trauma care is the Enhanced Referral and Retrieval Service, with funding of more than $5 million provided for this service.

This enhanced service will build on and improve the current aeromedical and retrieval service, the newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (PETS) and the perinatal emergency referral service, with the aim of improving coordination between the responding services and receiving hospitals, ensuring the best use of resources and supporting clinical standards of care.

Recruitment is currently underway for a new Aeromedical and Retrieval Services Director and a clinical consultant to support paediatric and neonatal emergency transport services.

A permanent recruitment to the role of Statewide Trauma Service Director will occur later this year.
A statewide trauma service has been made possible by the Liberal Government’s record $6.4 billion investment in health over the next four years.

Our One Health System reforms are all about ensuring access to better care and higher quality services regardless of where you live.

A series of health forums are being held across the state this week for Tasmanians wanting to hear more about how we are building a better health system for everyone.

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