The Hodgman Liberal Government is delivering on our promise to roll out free Wi-Fi across Tasmania including to regional areas. As part of stage one of the Wi-Fi network, there are now 50 live locations across Tasmania.

The government is proud to have partnered with Telstra, which has been contracted for four years to deliver free Wi-Fi at popular tourist destinations such as Port Arthur, Cradle Mountain, Salamanca and Hobart’s beautiful waterfront.

We already know that tourists like to show off their Tasmanian experiences with the world, and free Wi-Fi will only make this easier.

Wi-Fi sites were selected after consultation with the state’s regional tourism organisations and will supplement existing free networks to provide tourists with greater access to services as they travel throughout Tasmania.

More than 120 access points, at the 50 locations, have been installed throughout the state.

Regional locations such as Queenstown, Derby, Oatlands, Sheffield, Latrobe, Geeveston and Cygnet, have also been switched on which we hope will help encourage people to venture wider as they explore our beautiful island state.

The public can access 30 minutes free Wi-Fi, for each of their device, at each network location, each day.

The government’s Wi-Fi network website and downloadable app, maps all the locations in the network and provides links to the relevant Discover Tasmania page for each location.

The website shows where free Wi-Fi services are offered by other government departments, tourism organisations and relevant local bodies, while the app alerts the user to the nearest hotspot.

Both also offer all information in Mandarin.

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