The temporary inpatient facility at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) is currently being refitted and is forecast for completion in October.

We thank staff and patients for their patience during this unavoidable delay which was the result of mould caused by water damage during transit.

Patients and staff safety at the RHH is a top priority. This is reflected in Right To Information (RTI)documentation publically released today.

Occupational hygienist, Prensa has been invaluable in providing expert independent advice on the safe and appropriate remediation of mould.

All recommendations have been implemented and any deficiencies rectified.

Information released demonstrates that decisive action was taken to investigate and where required, remediate, mould found in the temporary inpatient facility and within the RHH.

The department is releasing a number of reports and correspondence that provide advice on air testing and necessary rectification works to remediate mould.

The rectification works on the temporary inpatient facility has involved removing and replacing all porous materials damaged by water.

Non-porous materials were either removed or cleaned to industry standard.

In fact, the builder took the decision to completely strip out level two of the facility.

The RHH Redevelopment will not accept possession of the new temporary inpatient facility until it is independently verified that it is safe and fit-for-purpose.

It is widely recognised that the RHH is long overdue for redevelopment and expansion. That’s why we are redeveloping the hospital.

Like all buildings, the RHH’s buildings have maintenance requirements.

Pre-existing mould was identified within a wall cavity and ceiling space in a cordoned off area of the ICU during refurbishment works – unrelated to the temporary inpatient facility.

The area was immediately sealed and cleaning was undertaken.

Air testing has confirmed the area is safe and free of mould.

A precautionary inspection of the emergency department was also undertaken.

No mould was found in the emergency department after inspection and air testing found no elevated health risk.

Patient and staff safety is our highest priority as demonstrated by the highly cautious and professional approach taken by the redevelopment project and Royal Hobart Hospital staff.

The RTI can be found online here.

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