Today I took part in the Kidney Health Research Walk, an event for kidney support group members and the general community to come together to raise funds and awareness for kidney disease.

Kidney disease affects children and adults, male and female and currently affects over 1.7 million Australians.

Most people don’t realise that more people die from kidney-related disease than breast cancer, prostate cancer and even road deaths.

The Kidney Health Research Walk is a great chance for our community and those families and individuals living with chronic kidney failure to join together and support each other.

It provides us with the opportunity to share stories about family and friends living with chronic kidney health issues and rally support for programs and valuable research to continue to improve prevention, early detection and management of chronic kidney disease.

Today we were able to show support for the carers, nurses and all the other families who, on a daily basis, are living with the challenges of kidney health issues.

I’d like to thank Kidney Health Australia for the important ongoing work it does throughout the year to promote good kidney health through education, advocacy, research and support.

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