The Hodgman Government is getting on with the job of improving frontline services like health, education and protecting the vulnerable. This week we will also debate new laws that will provide a $20,000 boost to anyone who wants to build their first home, because it will increase housing and it will create construction jobs.

We are passionate about acting on the issues that really matter to Tasmanians.

Unfortunately, all Labor wanted to debate today was increasing the size of Parliament, putting aside all other parliamentary business listed for the day.

If Bryan Green thinks that the most important thing for Parliament to debate was increasing the number of politicians, then he is more out of touch than we thought. Bizarrely, Mr Green had earlier foreshadowed a “Matter of Public Importance” on Energy. His reaction to support the Greens means that actually Energy was only a passing interest for Labor.

It’s bad enough that Ms O’Connor tried to pull a stunt, especially when you consider that Tasmanians made it well and truly clear what they thought of the Greens at the last election when they all but wiped them out.

But for Bryan Green to instinctively jump back into bed with the Greens shows that Labor has learnt nothing.

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