Cancer is the leading cause of death in the nation, with one in three Australians developing some form by the age of 85.

This undoubtedly has a significant impact on Tasmanians, their families and our health care system.

On World Cancer Day (Sat. Feb. 4) the Hodgman Liberal Government recognises that this disease affects every part of a person’s life, not just physically, but all parts of that individual’s life – relationships, friendships, work and income.

Although many cancers were once considered a death sentence, significant improvements in medical research and a broader understanding of preventative health measures, has seen some people cured and some cancers identified as preventable.

Early, regular screening can help protect your health through early detection or prevent cancers occurring, as those diagnosed earlier usually have better outcomes and can be treated more successfully.

Since coming to Government we have invested $490,000 for the development to support IT systems in cancer centres across the state, we’ve overseen a major upgrade of the Mobile Breast Screen Bus that visits women in regional areas, refurbished the RHH Oncology Ward and as part of our Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan, highlighted preventative measures to reduce the rate of tobacco smoking.

In 2016 the Government also opened the North West Cancer Centre to deliver radiology treatment on the North West for the first time, which means 7500 fewer annual trips into Launceston.

The Government provides a free screening and cancer prevention service for Tasmanians to encourage check-ups and the early detection of cancer.

To make an appointment with BreastScreen Tasmania call 13 20 50, or for more information visit:,_screening__and__early_detection

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