The Hodgman Liberal Government is opening eight new beds at the North West Regional Hospital.

Health is a key priority for the Government and we believe the Burnie hospital has a vital ongoing role delivering health services for North West Coasters.

The eight new beds will open permanently from April and are the next stage of our Patients First initiative which is aimed at easing pressure on the Emergency Department and ensuring patients get the care they need sooner.

The beds include:

· Four Emergency Department stay beds. The Short Stay Unit will provide care for emergency patients who do not need a lengthy stay in hospital freeing up other beds.
· Four surgical beds for elective surgery patients who need overnight stays. This additional capacity will allow the North West Regional Hospital to focus on overnight surgeries, which will in turn allow more day surgery to be carried out at the Mersey Community Hospital – Tasmania’s dedicated elective surgery centre.

The new bed package will be supported by a $720,000 upgrade of the pre-admission area.

This continued investment in our health system is only made possible because we’ve got the Budget back on track.

We have made a record $6.4 billion investment in health over the next four years, and while there is still more to be done we are delivering the health system that Tasmanians need and deserve.

For the North West Coast this means continuing to support both the Mersey and North West Regional Hospitals.

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