The Hodgman Liberal Government is proud to launch Australia’s first city-wide Internet-of-Things LORA network in Launceston today.

Last year the Government contributed $100,000 to the project which will see the LORA, a long range low-power wide area network, rolled out across the entire city.

The community wireless, open access network, is designed to be a resource point for any organisations, such as councils, start-up companies, businesses, schools and Government departments.

Sensors for any possible can be connected to the network to measure such things as water levels, temperature, moisture, movement, or be used to remotely control equipment.

The network will be run out of Enterprize Launceston, the Government’s IT industry start-up hub and incubator.
Launceston company Definium Technologies has manufactured the wireless broadcast locations (called gateways) powering the network.

This first stage of the network uses four gateways in central Launceston and surrounding locations – the Gorge Cottage, the Launceston Aquatic Centre, and Enterprize Launceston in central Launceston and Definium Technologies Canning Street offices.

Another 6 to 8 gateways will be launched in the next stage to give even greater network coverage. The entire network is expected to be complete in April.

The entire city and surrounding areas up to a range of about 25km will be covered.

Businesses, organisations, startups, schools, developers and researchers are encouraged to connect to the network and experiment with sensors and data.

Over the next two weeks Enterprize Tasmania will host workshops about the network at its Launceston and Hobart hubs so that community members can find out more about the opportunity and create new applications.

* Image shows stage one network coverage

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