Labor leader Rebecca White’s call for an inquiry into Royal Hobart Hospital beds makes it clear she still has no solutions and no policies of her own on health.

If the best Ms White can do is call for an inquiry, it confirms just how inexperienced she is. Ms White has been Shadow Minister for Health for three years, and this is the best she can come up with?

Health is clearly not a priority to Labor, as not one question was asked by the Opposition health spokeswoman in the last sitting of Parliament.

Earlier this month the Hodgman Liberal Government announced 27 new beds in the South to assist with patient flow issues, including at the Royal, and a total of 50 beds across the state.

This is in addition to an entirely new building at the Royal containing 54 beds for safe patient decanting.

Elective surgery waiting lists have fallen to record lows, and once complete the $689 million redeveloped Royal will have capacity for an additional 250 beds.

The Hodgman Government has made health improvement a major focus with a record $6.4 billion investment, we committed to saving the Royal, and we’re getting on with the job.

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