In a damning admission, inexperienced Labor leader Rebecca White has revealed that she “reserves our right” for Labor to govern in minority following the next election.

In an interview in today’s The Australian newspaper, Ms White said “We’d reserve our right to make a decision about whether we would [govern in minority].”*

This is completely at odds with Ms White’s claims on radio last week that Labor would “absolutely” not form Government if it didn’t win a majority, and shows that Labor simply can’t be trusted not to do another deal with the Greens.**

Labor’s constitution specifically provides for minority Government in partnership with the Greens.
Regardless of this, Labor has a proven track record of promising no deals before elections and then doing deals after elections.

The fact is, while Labor has a new leader – nothing has changed.

They are still negative with no policies or plan of their own.

And, they’ll absolutely govern in minority with the Greens, given half the chance.

Only the Hodgman Liberals can deliver the strong, stable majority Government Tasmania needs.

*The Australian, 27/3/17, pg.6
** ABC radio, Leon Compton program 20/3/17

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