Bec White’s latest whinge over the Hodgman Liberal Government opening 27 new fully funded hospital beds in Southern Tasmania proves she still has no Plan of her own for health – despite being Labor’s Health spokesperson for three years.

The Government recognises that demand is continuing to increase in our hospitals which is why we are opening more beds while Ms White continues to complain from the sidelines.

This is galling considering we are opening beds closed down by Ms White’s Labor.

The majority of extra beds are in place and ready to be opened in coming weeks, as soon as extra staff can be recruited to look after these additional patients.

Labor were critical of the Government advertising for extra nurses and other medical staff – is Ms White now suggesting we should put patients in beds without the staff to ensure they are properly cared for? This would be dangerous and unacceptable.

The recruitment process for more staff is well advanced and we will open each bed as soon as it is safe to do so, just as we have always said.

Instead of criticising the Government for taking positive action, Ms White needs to come up with a plan of her own for health and cost it in an alternative Budget.

Until then, all Tasmanians have to go by is Labor’s record in Government which was to cut funding, close beds and sack nurses.

Further, if Labor had honoured its promise to Tasmanians to have the redeveloped Royal Hobart Hospital ready by 2016, none of these extra beds would be needed today.

In contrast the Hodgman Liberal Government is taking action – investing a record amount into health, opening beds and employing more nurses.

There is always more to do which is why there will be extra funding for health in the upcoming state Budget.

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