Bec White has taken her dishonest ‘medi-scare’ campaign to the Launceston General Hospital, a campaign aimed at scaring Tasmanians for her own political gain.

Her claim that there were no beds available when she visited the hospital yesterday is a blatant lie.
There were empty beds available for additional patients when Ms White visited Ward 4D – a ward that the Hodgman Liberal Government re-opened after it was closed by Labor and the Greens.

The Hodgman Government has made health a priority which is why we are investing a record amount into our hospitals, we are opening beds, we’ve employed more nurses, more doctors, more paramedics and we’re conducting more surgeries than ever before.

We understand there are long standing challenges in health and that there is more to be done which is why we are opening an extra 50 beds across the state now, ahead of the Budget.

We are also working constructively with hospital staff to look at other ways we can ensure patients get the care they need sooner.

This is in stark contrast to Labor which has done nothing except complain.

Three years after becoming Labor’s health spokesperson Ms White has no plan for health, resorting instead to a dishonest scare campaign and lies.

The challenge for Labor is to articulate a Plan for health, like we have, and show how they can pay for it.

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