Today in question time inexperienced Labor leader Bec White again claimed that the Hodgman Liberal Government’s record $6.4 billion health spend includes the $689 million Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment.

This is categorically false, and the second time she has tried to spin this lie.*

As confirmed by the Department of Health and Human Services, the 2016-17 Budget and Forward Estimates clearly states the health operating expenditure of $6.4 billion, which is $624 million more than the last Labor-Green Budget, does not include any expenditure on the RHH Redevelopment.

The RHH Redevelopment is reflected separately as capital expenditure.

I call on Ms White to provide real evidence to support her claim, or else retract and apologise for misleading Tasmanians.

*ABC Radio, Leon Compton, Apr.20.

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