National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the significant contribution of volunteers towards the care and comfort of patients, staff and visitors at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH),
The Hodgman Liberal Government thanks the team at the Royal Hobart Hospital Volunteer Service. It’s one of the proudest and strongest workforces in Tasmania and recently celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.

Numbering more than 100 dedicated members, these women and men range in age from 18 to 88.

It is important to highlight that the RHH Volunteer Service was represented in the 2017 Tasmanian Volunteering Awards by Mary Gates in the category of Volunteer of the Year and the award of Volunteer Manager of the Year was won by a very deserving Shelley Haas, who coordinates the RHH Volunteer Service.

Services provided by volunteers are diverse and focused on helping to provide the best patient experience possible.

They include everything from guiding patients around the hospital, cuddling newborn babies, preparing and distributing refreshments to staff and patients, and delivering magazines and books across the wards.

The RHH Volunteer Service came into being after the 1967 bushfires that devastated Southern Tasmania.

During and after this significant event, locals who wished to help came together at the Royal to assist in any way they could with the surge of patients.

Today the volunteers are provided with comprehensive training and undertake orientation of between two and six weeks.

After completing initial training volunteers commit to undertake a minimum of four hours service per week over a 12-month period and are also required to complete all mandatory training in line with staff requirements, such as Fire and Emergency Management, Hand Hygiene and Manual Handling.

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our volunteers.

Tasmanians have a proud tradition of volunteering and providing a helping hand when needed and the Hodgman Government acknowledges all those who willingly give their time.

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