The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to continuing to improve Tasmania’s health system.

We are building on the significant progress already made in the past four years, opening more beds and employing more doctors, nurses and other health staff.

This Budget commences our six-year $757 million plan to build a better health system.

Over the next four years, we will recruit an estimated 478 full-time staff as part of our strong plan.

These vital staff will support a range of new services across Tasmania, building more capacity in our system and ensuring Tasmanians get the care they need sooner.

Our investments will boost the frontline by recruiting more doctors, more nurses, more paramedics and allied health workers, as well as more health support workers.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to investing in our health service, which we can only do because we have the Budget back under control and in surplus.

Importantly, this Budget begins the rollout of 298 brand new beds in our hospitals.

Over the next four years, 76 of these beds will be opened across the state, with the remaining new beds to be rolled out progressively as ward upgrades and redevelopments are completed. This continues our strong record of opening beds after the vicious years of health cuts from Labor and the Greens, which they arrogantly and dishonestly pretend didn’t happen.

We have reversed Labor’s cuts in our first term and are now making further investments to meet demand.

Health is a key priority for the Hodgman Liberal Government and that’s why we will continue to deliver more beds, more staff, and more frontline services.

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