The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to making sure all Tasmanians have equal opportunity to participate in the digital revolution.

The Government recognises that when Tasmanians are connected to digital services, they are healthier, safer, more productive and able to connect with local, national and OKinternational communities.

The 2018/19 Budget allocates $400,000 over four years to identifying ways to improve access and affordability to digital services, particularly low income households, older Tasmanians and people not in paid employment.

The Department of State Growth is currently working with other Government agencies, not-for-profit organisations and the private sector on a plan to enhance inclusivity for the most vulnerable, and to help close the digital divide, which will soon be rolled out across Tasmania.

The Government already provides all Tasmanians with the opportunity to improve digital capability through LINC Tasmania from more than 50 service points across the state.

LINC Tasmania, to become ‘Libraries Tasmania’ from July 1, oversees 20 Community Online Access Centres, which also provide computers connected to the internet for public access.

And of course, all Tasmanians can access free Wi-Fi via the Government’s Free Wi-Fi network, which has 69 locations around the state.

More than 500,000 users have accessed this service in over 1.3 million sessions since the first hotspot went live at Bridport in December 2015.

The Tasmanian Government will continue to deliver solutions to help close the digital divide in the community.

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